We Would Love to See You!

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Welcome to Image Church

For your first time here

We’re behind HEB. It’s tough to see from the roadway. You’ll notice two entries, look for signs for the spring cypress side and enter there. If it’s your first visit to Image Church and you’re bringing your kids, we suggest arriving 10 minutes early to get your kids checked in so you can join the service on time. Pour yourself a coffee and find your way to any seat — you’re well taken care of here.

What to expect

Come as you are, really! Wear whatever clothes you’re comfortable in. Step through the front door of Image Church and you’ll hear the sounds of celebration, laughter, lively conversation and our personal favorite, and the delight of children playing. You’ll see smiling, caring faces and feel the comforting warmth of family as you step into the essence of the Lord. We’ll have deep conversations about fellowship, friendship, and sometimes football.

Your whole family (kids too!) are welcome

God has a design for the family and we’re here to help us all get back to his design. Your entire family is always welcome. Image Church is your home, where you can feel comfortable to bring your children and let them be kids.

Our children are all little bundles of joy and energy and we let them be kids. You’ll never need to worry about shushing your kids in this house.