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Our Mission & Vision

Image Church is a place for families of all kinds who are searching for more clarity and purpose in their lives. We help them build a strong foundation for their families in God’s Image so that they can find the connection, joy, and happiness they’re seeking.

Our Core Values


The first ministry God created was the family. Since the beginning God wanted our homes to be centered on Him and to multiply fruitful families. At Image Church, we want to foster homes where Jesus is the # 1 priority.


Regardless of your background, appearance, or race at Image Church, we love you—but not just any type of love. We love you because Christ loved us. “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:35


It is our duty to train our children in the way they should go. Investing in our children is investing in our future- and the Bible tells us that our children should be educated in the scripture to better impact the world for the gospel.


Our bodies are not our own—we’re asked to take care of the temples God has given us. Image is committed to providing resources to help people live full and healthy physical, emotional, and spiritual lives.


As members in Gods kingdom, we own nothing. As the King, Jesus owns everything- therefore, all that we possess we possess as stewards. Our calling is to use Gods resources in a manner that pleases Him

We Are Glad You’re Here

The pressures of life feel like they’re crushing your chest at times. You’re trying to juggle it all—and you’re tired and drained from managing a household, work, stress, money, and perhaps even an illness.

Maybe you even feel alone. You know there’s got to be more to life than where you’re at right now. But what? You want your kids to grow up to be good people, and you’re worried about the foundation you’re growing your family.

Perhaps you’ve been to church in the past and it wasn’t for you.

Regardless of your reason for finding us, we’re happy you’re here.

And, we can help.

Our Leadership

Pastor and his boysHi! I’m Joe Ogletree, your Pastor.

And leading a church wasn’t in my original plans. After graduating on a full football scholarship from Nicholls State University, and as an all-conference football player, I had big dreams of playing in the NFL after walking across the stage and collecting my diploma.

God had other plans.

With my mind on the NFL, God had something different in mind. Instead, my future included a career in corporate America and then later calling me to ministry.

As the son of a preacher, I had this deep down feeling that my calling was in ministry. This hunch was confirmed in 2008, when God called me to minister the gospel under the leadership of my father, Dr. John Ogletree, at First Metropolitan Church as a Young Adult Pastor and an Elder.

Created in His Image.

While working in corporate America, I found myself still searching. Searching for more. More connection, more family, more community.

The divorce rate is increasing making broken homes seem like the norm. The confusion that lives in a broken home can permeate through children, and then they get married, only to wind up divorced like their parents, and so begins another cycle. How do we break this cycle?

The Ogletree FamilyA heart for families

God has a design for the family. We need to get back to his design and equip families with hope.

I’ve served in the CityView Collective Planting Residency and am excited to see how God orders my steps in the years to come.

We’ve been here since 2017, and today, I’m humbled and honored to be a part of the Cypress community bringing families together, and bringing communities together.

Today, I still work in corporate America, and I’m excited to have started my seminary degree at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

When I’m not connecting our patrons to the Source to find their joy and peace, you’ll probably find me watching a football game or spending time with my wife, Sherrell and playing with our three handsome boys–Jaiden, Josiah, and Jaxon.

I’m looking forward to seeing you. Visit us, or get in touch.

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’”

~ Martin Luther King